Immediate Injury First-Aid

What to do when you have injured yourself but can’t get an appointment right away

With many sporting events happening outside of business hours during the week and on weekends, sometimes injuries cannot be attended by a physiotherapist straight away. If you use the RICER treatment method you are sure to get yourself on the fastest road to recovery before coming in to see us.

RICER stands for:

Rest - try to avoid further inflaming the injury.
Ice - apply ice to the immediate area of the injurt, make sure to always have ice packs wrapped in a towel or ensure it is not applied directly to the skin.
Compression - where possible, apply a compression bandage to the affected area. The key here is to make sure the compression is not too tight, it should not cause any numbness or pins and needles. If you are experiencing these sensations with compression, immediately remove the bandage.
Elevate - this will help reduce swelling to the injured area. Ideally it is best to elevate injury above the heart if possible, using a pillow for comfort if necessary.
Rehabilitation - as soon as possible book in with one of our sports injury experts to have your injury assessed and begin rehabilitation to get you back to full performance!

The RICER treatment method is safe to use on any injury. While following the RICER method
it is important to avoid HARM:


Heat - placing heat onto injuries can increase blood-blow to the area and increase swelling.
Alcohol - alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate increasing blood-flow to affected areas, which will increase swelling. Until you have been assessed by the physiotherapist it is best to avoid drinking alcohol.
Running - running may directly exacerbate the injury as well as increase blood-flow around the body and to the affected area.
Massage - massage to new injuries can stimilate blood-flow and further breakdown the injured region so this is best avoided until the injury has been properly assessed.

It is important to have your injury assessed as soon as possible, please call us on 03 9395 2048 to book an appointment with one of our physios.